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  • The first step on all interior jobs is to cover all surfaces not to be painted prior to opening a can of paint or primer. PRIMETIME Painting does not take short cuts on interior projects. ALL SURFACES NOT TO BE PAINTED WILL BE PROTECTED. We use a combination of drop cloths, plastic, masking film and tape. Drop cloths are only used to cover flooring. Product selection will be based on budget requirements as specified by home owner. PRIMETIME Painting offers superior interior craftsmanship. Interior painting, especially wood work, will be completed by a master painter with decades of experience. We will not sub your interior work or have inexperienced painters enter your home. PRIMETIME Painting can refinish your cabinets or woodwork with skill and pride enhancing your homes beauty and value. Do you have stained woodwork that you would like refinished white?


    Call PRIMETIME Painting and we can enhance your homes image and value.


    We will clean up and remain organized at the end of each day. This is part of a continuing dialogue with the customer as to their needs throughout the project. For example, if we’re doing an interior project that is going through the weekend, we will not begin a room that cannot be completed. Also, our interior process, on large projects, is to move through your home, completing 1-3 rooms at a time. We believe in a systematic approach that focuses on finishing areas of your home before moving on to the next area.
    We maintain a systematic approach to exterior projects as well. We never skip steps or make a hasty completion to your project.


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